I really, really enjoyed Echoes of Forgotten Places. I grew to love the Lampert/Wand family and cheered them on as they struggled to save their homestead and keep the family together. As I read it began to feel as if I were living with them high on the cliffs above the Columbia River more than a century ago. Though the times were different, the human heart hasn't changed. This family will stay with you long after you finish reading their story.

Linda A.

I finished Echoes two nights ago. I loved the story you told in Where Eagles Nest. It was clear, concise, and easy to read. In Echoes, you ‘up your game’ as a writer by miles. Some things that stood out to me,
Your characterizations are awesome; I feel as though I know and care about the people in the
story. Your use of dialog is extremely effective. The story is compelling; not only did I enjoy it, I learned from it. I am looking forward to the next installment.


I shared your book with a friend, who read it all. Loved the characters!

Mary Jean

Been savoring your book to read a little each night before going to sleep. Almost done….
I think it should be a Trilogy. What happened to that family during the Great War and the depression!


I keep meaning to email you and let you know how much I’m enjoying Echoes. I remember parts of it from Chrysalis Writers Group, but it’s so great, reading the whole story. I feel so close to all the characters now.


I read and enjoyed Where Eagles Nest in 2014 and have been looking forward to the sequel.  I enjoyed ECHOES OF FORGOTTEN PLACES even more. I thought my sister Connie should have it so I just ordered it for her. Thanks for ECHOES OF FORGOTTEN PLACES.


I just finished your book Where Eagles Nest. What a marvelous book to read. I couldn't put it down. Now I am hoping there is a sequel. It was given to me by a minister that knew I was interested in history being new to the Troutdale area. I will be looking for more of your other books.

Sharon Bennett

Lois and I are in AZ and I just finished " Where Eagles Nest". It is one of the most enjoyable and informative books I've read in a long time. It gave me a very good insight to my German ancestors' migration from the Ukraine to ND. I'm quite sure their experiences were the same---TOUGH-TOUGH-TOUGH. You are a very good writer and I thank you for all the research you did to make it so interesting.

Dick E.

Where Eagles Nest is bound to be a favorite for readers interested in history and a good story. While meticulously researched and relying on family records, the story of Juliana and Alex becomes a personal story that resonates in one's heart and mind. Highly recommended.

Alice Lynn

An excellent story about the hardships the Columbia Gorge pioneers suffered. I'll never drive by Lampert road and feel the same again - thanks so much Helen for this. Can't wait to read the sequels.


It is amazing - that both my husband and I loved the book! It was like being transported back in time where the people came alive within the pages. The hardships and victories were vividly portrayed and I felt like I witnessed it all. Can't wait for the next book!

Jim And Laurie Mann

Both Deb and I Finished “Where Eagles Nest”......We both thought you are a wonderful story teller! I enjoyed the story so much that I had to go back and reread some of the paragraphs again because of the richness of the words and your vivid descriptions. You told me that this was fiction, but based on the lives of Alex and Juliana, your family over 100 years ago as they settle it was as the second wave pioneers in the Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. I am glad you made the story fiction because I think that allowed more creativity and honesty for developing the story as it should be told. I think if one records the history as found in a journal or diary, it can be uninteresting. We actually felt like we were there, living their lives and walking in their footsteps. When so many dynamics are going at that period, the fiction writer can bring in those experiences and make it a part of the life. You crafted a very good and enjoyable story and we are looking forward to more of your writings.

Don & Deb Mathews

Thanks for being at Crown Point Vista House! I have long enjoyed stories of the Oregon Trail era, but had never really thought about “The Second Wave of Pioneers” even though some of my ancestors were in that “wave.” Thank you for opening my interest and broadening my horizon. As others have stated, I look forward to your next book about Julianna.

Faith Hoffman

I just finished your book and I must apologize for being so very slow,but I read it like we eat a box of chocolates! I prodded and poked and re read each chapter. I used it as a reward to myself at the end of each day. I really enjoyed it and tried to imagine where all of these places were.

Gary Moore

I have just finished your book, WHERE EAGLES NEST. You and I met at Vista House. That was a few weekends ago. I bought three books. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I found it a good read from beginning to end. It was well paced with, drama, interesting events, and I thought a somewhat surprising ending. I found I was reading to find out what would transpire to our heros, Julianna and Katherine, Alex and Franz. It was a well told story on a journey, hardship, drama, everyday life, as they moved from one world to another. Again, well done and congratulations. I hope your book finds people hungry for a true story written with love, care, and interest in the subject. I am hoping there will be some kind sequel about Julianna's life after Alex.

Tom Erskine

After three sittings I finished "Where Eagles Nest" twenty minutes ago. What a beautiful story, and so well written! Your research was evident is most every paragraph, and your ability to tell a good story showed in every chapter. I was impressed with the way you told the stories so well, almost as if you were one of the characters on site. The writers' group you used as a resource served you well. When is the sequel due to be published? Again, congratulations on a great accomplishment.

Tom Cowling

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