Echoes Book Cover FrontThe year is 1897. Julianna Lampert and her eight children depend on the family working the farm—recently cleared soil on land so rugged and windswept it defies their very existence. Join the family’s journey, from grieving their father’s passing and the death of their baby brother, to the arrival of Frank, who strikes a bargain with Julianna, a widow desperate to save her homestead.
Follow the Lampert family and their neighbors into the twentieth century, amidst a tragic drowning, disastrous blizzard, and a fire that demolishes a town—devastations tempered with romance and marriage. All the while, their remote, isolated Pleasant View community is transformed: brought into the modern era by the horseless carriage, telephone, women’s right to vote—and the neighbor’s sti

Echoes of Forgotten Places is a lovely story set in a place we know and a time we didn’t!

-Sharon Nesbit, historian, award-winning journalist, and author of It Could Have Been Carpdale: Centennial History of Troutdale, Oregon, 1907–2007

Helen Wand takes readers back in time—with lovely details that help immerse people in that world. Especially the descriptions of how life worked back then…and social changes like suffrage and loosening mores…and their differing reactions to them.

-P. K. Lichen, author of Kidnapping the Wild One

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